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Women of Caliber Part I

Why is it that when we think of famous or successful chefs, the first ones that come to mind are usually men?  I’m by no means discounting their accomplishments.  Why don’t we mention or think of female chefs first? I ponder this often, both personally and professionally (as both a teacher and pastry chef).  Born… Continue reading Women of Caliber Part I

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Secret cinnamon rolls

A cup of tea or coffee with a plush blanket surrounding me in warmth is my idea of comfort.  I’d add a good book and a fireplace (which I don’t currently have) to complete the effect.  Baking comforting treats are a given in this scenario.  During the fall, the smell of cinnamon, sugar, and other… Continue reading Secret cinnamon rolls

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Grammar is delicious!

Like math, grammar causes anxiety to English language learners (and some native speakers).  There is an intuitiveness to it that happens with every language.  The problem arises when you try to learn a different language and the grammar that comes with it. Grammar rules aren’t enough.  There are so many exceptions to the rules, that… Continue reading Grammar is delicious!

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Scented whipped cream

Yes, I know that I should be embracing the spices of autumn that I wrote about in my last post.  But, I had to make mango mousse yet again and wanted to come up with a creative way to present it. Earlier this year, I posted my recipe for mango mousse.  To this day, it is… Continue reading Scented whipped cream

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FALLing into baking

What is it about spring and fall that draws us to bake?  Is it the bountiful harvests that entices us? To me, autumn embodies pies and the first stirrings of craving comfort foods.  Much like squirrels preparing for the weather change by strategically placing acorns in the ground, I think we do something similar during… Continue reading FALLing into baking

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Versatility, thy name is pastry cream

Until I went to pastry school, I never fully appreciated pastry cream. It is such a simple thing to make. The thing that makes it great, besides the taste, is that pastry cream can be used in a variety of different applications and can be customized by adding various flavorings. Pastry cream can be used… Continue reading Versatility, thy name is pastry cream