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Farewell, Ms. Hawa Hawai

Recently, Bollywood actress Sridevi passed away.  She was an icon and her movies with their songs defined my childhood.  The other day, one of her movies was playing on TV.  I decided to sit down and watch it since it has been on my list for a while.  It was weird seeing her playful and… Continue reading Farewell, Ms. Hawa Hawai

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Captured moments in time

I was getting a jump start to spring cleaning this weekend and came across some old journals of mine.  I’ve been journalling, or at least attempting to, on and off for years.  My handwriting has definitely changed over the years, as have relationships from then to now. It was interesting to read what I had written.… Continue reading Captured moments in time

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An outsider

Outsider.  That one word captures a lot of my experience growing up. There’s a scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding that is at the heart of my conflict.  If you haven’t seen it, don’t worry I’m not giving any spoilers (but why haven’t you seen it yet?).  Toula, the main character, attends college and… Continue reading An outsider

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Thanks climate change!

I try to take advantage of warm weather days that happen during winter.  The other day, it was unseasonably warm (thanks climate change!) and I couldn’t resist enjoying it by sipping on a tall, cold glass of this fizzy drink.   One of my younger brothers enjoys making iced tea from tea bags.  Over the… Continue reading Thanks climate change!