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All you need is love… for yourself

While recharging this past week, I purposely sought to be selfish and do things for me.  Most would call this self-care, which I believe is a new word for simply taking care of ourselves.  I would argue that it goes beyond taking care of myself.  Sure, I indulged in a much needed haircut and massage… Continue reading All you need is love… for yourself

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Outside the box

I know.  I missed posting last week.  Things have been so crazy.  I’ve been fighting a cold that just won’t go away and work has been busy and Thanksgiving is around the corner!  Excuses, excuses.  But, I’m back and will hopefully be on track. I enjoy trying out different flavor combinations when I bake, especially those that are “outside the… Continue reading Outside the box

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Hot off the press!

A very late and very quick update.  I submitted an article to NYS TESOL’s  (New York State Teachers of English to Other Languages) quarterly publication, Idiom.  It was accepted and was just published.  Below is a link.  I’m really proud of my article and am excited that it is out there in the universe.  If… Continue reading Hot off the press!

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“Have courage, and be kind”

Have you ever noticed that we take more risks as children than as adults?  Why is that?  For some reason, I was struck by this and began thinking about it as it related to myself. I know this isn’t true of everyone, but it certainly seems true for me.  In thinking about some of the “risks” I’ve… Continue reading “Have courage, and be kind”

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Don’t say the word!

How would you describe the word subtraction, without using the words:  subtract or minus?     It isn’t as easy as you think.  You need to think on your feet and come up with a creative way to describe the word so that others can figure it out.  This is the general idea of the… Continue reading Don’t say the word!

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Blank Canvas

These words imply something that is empty or undecorated.  I like to use them to ignite a spark for my students.  One of the production lessons I teach focuses on learning about some of the bread products that are made and sold at Hot Bread Kitchen (there are over 70, so I can’t pick them all).… Continue reading Blank Canvas