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A study in hot chocolate part III

This hot chocolate defines decadence.  I don’t even want to know how many calories it is.  It’s just too good for words.     Just look at the picture on the above, the silky-smooth chocolate cascades into the glass calling out to you just for a taste.  Even while I was making it, it was… Continue reading A study in hot chocolate part III

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A study in hot chocolate part II

If you’re going to bake a chocolate cake, why not use a high-quality chocolate?  I have a few favorites, one of which is E. Guittard’s Cocoa Rouge Unsweetened Cocoa Powder.  Recently, I was looking at the package and saw that they had a hot cocoa recipe, what they call a cocoa beverage (fancy!).  Not sure… Continue reading A study in hot chocolate part II

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A study in hot chocolate part I

Hot chocolate season is here!  It joins soups, chili, and other comfort foods that we crave during the winter.  So, whether you call it hot chocolate, hot cocoa, or drinking chocolate (though the biggest difference is that hot cocoa is made from cocoa powder and does not contain any cocoa butter), for me, chocolate is… Continue reading A study in hot chocolate part I

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Under the weather

I had a nice follow-up post to Sunday’s prelude but this winter weather has got me beat!  No matter what, winter always wins.  I’m feeling under the weather but I promised myself that I wouldn’t miss a post this year, at least try not to.  So, here I am.     Anyway, I’ve been researching… Continue reading Under the weather

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Prelude to a study in hot chocolate

February is the month most associated with all things chocolate.  No surprise there since Valentines Day falls in this month.  For a long time I accepted chocolate as is.  It’s a magical treat conjured up by Willy Wonka types for us to enjoy.  Of course I understood the basic process of how it’s made and… Continue reading Prelude to a study in hot chocolate

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Old is gold, retro is in

Fashion, television, movies.  Looks and shows from the not-so-distant years past are coming back.  Will and Grace, Gilmore Girls, Full House, and the list goes on and on and on.  Bringing these back tap into a deep-rooted nostalgia.  Sometimes it is successful, others it isn’t.  However, it brings up a larger question of what is creativity… Continue reading Old is gold, retro is in