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A little oomph

Maybe I’m trying to hold on the last remnants of summer.  It isn’t that difficult to do.  The weather has been warmish and there’s still technically about a week before the autumnal equinox.  Friday at 4:02pm to be precise.  Regardless, I’m loving using fruit syrups to add a little extra oomph of flavor to my buttercream.… Continue reading A little oomph

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Chai, dirty chai

Over and over, I’ve proclaimed my love of all things chai, so it should come as not surprise to anyone that this recipe combines two of my favorite things:  chai and ice cream (but with a twist!).  It’s a dirty chai no-churn ice cream and it is sublime.  You’re probably wondering what a dirty chai… Continue reading Chai, dirty chai

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Hot off the press!

A very late and very quick update.  I submitted an article to NYS TESOL’s  (New York State Teachers of English to Other Languages) quarterly publication, Idiom.  It was accepted and was just published.  Below is a link.  I’m really proud of my article and am excited that it is out there in the universe.  If… Continue reading Hot off the press!

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Inevitably, I end up with leftover buttercream.  It always happens.  Well, almost always.  I started to think of ways to use it up.  In the past, I would make bite-sized buttercream-filled truffles.  Recently, I was teaching my students about the creaming mixing method.  As part of the hands-on activity, I wanted them to make a batch… Continue reading Inevitable