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Thanks climate change!

I try to take advantage of warm weather days that happen during winter.  The other day, it was unseasonably warm (thanks climate change!) and I couldn’t resist enjoying it by sipping on a tall, cold glass of this fizzy drink.   One of my younger brothers enjoys making iced tea from tea bags.  Over the… Continue reading Thanks climate change!

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Forgotten cookies

Two ingredients is all it takes to create wispy, pillow-like clouds for your sweet dreams.  Egg whites + sugar = meringue.  So easy to make yet elegant and colorful wispy treats that make it seem like you spent hours slaving in your kitchen. There are three variations of meringue:  French, Swiss, and Italian.  French meringue… Continue reading Forgotten cookies

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Outside the box

I know.  I missed posting last week.  Things have been so crazy.  I’ve been fighting a cold that just won’t go away and work has been busy and Thanksgiving is around the corner!  Excuses, excuses.  But, I’m back and will hopefully be on track. I enjoy trying out different flavor combinations when I bake, especially those that are “outside the… Continue reading Outside the box

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Leftover condensed milk? No problem!

Don’t you hate it when a recipe calls for anything-less-than-an-entire-can of sweetened condensed milk?  I do and I know that sometimes it’s unavoidable.  So what do you do with the remaining condensed milk?  Sure you can save it for another time or find another recipe to use up the leftovers.  I usually turn the condensed… Continue reading Leftover condensed milk? No problem!

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Oh my, Olive Oyl!

Ratios are a great way to ditch cookbooks and let your creative juices flow.  A great one for cakes is for pound cake.  Pound cake is a type of cake traditionally made with equal amounts of flour, eggs, sugar, and butter.  You can easily manipulate the ratio and create dozens of variations of this cake. … Continue reading Oh my, Olive Oyl!