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Secret cinnamon rolls

A cup of tea or coffee with a plush blanket surrounding me in warmth is my idea of comfort.  I’d add a good book and a fireplace (which I don’t currently have) to complete the effect.  Baking comforting treats are a given in this scenario.  During the fall, the smell of cinnamon, sugar, and other… Continue reading Secret cinnamon rolls

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FALLing into baking

What is it about spring and fall that draws us to bake?  Is it the bountiful harvests that entices us? To me, autumn embodies pies and the first stirrings of craving comfort foods.  Much like squirrels preparing for the weather change by strategically placing acorns in the ground, I think we do something similar during… Continue reading FALLing into baking

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Love, the ultimate ingredient

Memories of food stay with us.  The feelings that they evoke are inexplicably tied to our senses and emotions.  As we get older, we are often reminded of them.  Sometimes unexpectedly, other times we actively work at recreating the memory through the meticulous preparation of a meal.     When you’re looking for a recipe, where… Continue reading Love, the ultimate ingredient

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Kneading is therapeutic

I love that baking allows me to use my hands.  Whether it’s making pie dough or working with a variety of yeasted doughs, I find comfort and a sense of calm.   When I’m having a tough day, I’ll often make pie.  Crushing the graham crackers with a rolling pin is very satisfying.  So is making pie… Continue reading Kneading is therapeutic