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Leftover condensed milk? No problem!

Don’t you hate it when a recipe calls for anything-less-than-an-entire-can of sweetened condensed milk?  I do and I know that sometimes it’s unavoidable.  So what do you do with the remaining condensed milk?  Sure you can save it for another time or find another recipe to use up the leftovers.  I usually turn the condensed… Continue reading Leftover condensed milk? No problem!

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Key Largo, Montego…

The heat has been rising in the northeast and for whatever reason, the Beach Boys song “Kokomo” kept popping into my head.  So, I thought it would make a fitting title for a post about coconut caramel. I came up with the recipe a couple of summers ago in a tiny test kitchen in Manhattan.  It was… Continue reading Key Largo, Montego…

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“With enough butter, anything is good”

Julia Child knew what she was talking about.  However, I would argue that transforming this everyday ingredient with the addition of heat, transforms it into a complex flavor that makes anything taste amazing.  Browning butter does amazing things to baked goods.  Boiling the butter causes the water evaporate.  Then the fun begins.  Butterfat caramelizes and the Maillard… Continue reading “With enough butter, anything is good”