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Leftover condensed milk? No problem!

Don’t you hate it when a recipe calls for anything-less-than-an-entire-can of sweetened condensed milk?  I do and I know that sometimes it’s unavoidable.  So what do you do with the remaining condensed milk?  Sure you can save it for another time or find another recipe to use up the leftovers.  I usually turn the condensed… Continue reading Leftover condensed milk? No problem!

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I can’t believe it’s not cheese

Ever have the baking bug hit you so fiercely you have to make something right away?  I have.  One of the issues I have when this happens is impatiently waiting for my butter to soften.  I’ve heard about and seen a couple of kitchen hacks to make the process go quicker. One that works amazingly is grating… Continue reading I can’t believe it’s not cheese