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Writing Day 10

Day 10: Rain

Bleary-eyed I walk down the creaking wooden steps, trying to rub the sleep from my eyes and body.  I open the blinds and am greeted by gray clouds and the pitter-patter of raindrops hitting the roof and the wood of the deck outside.

Why did I leave the comfort of my warm bed again?

As I stare out the window I wish I had a fireplace-crackling burning wood and the smell of the embers wafting all around as I sit nearby cuddled in a fluffy-soft blanket with a book sounds like heaven right now.

Sighing, I step away from the window and head to the kitchen.  With each step I mentally picture what’s in the refrigerator and decide what I’m going to make for breakfast before I even open the door.

Eggs, tater tots, bread, butter, salt, paprika, and tea.  This is comfort wrapped in fancy paper and a bow without much of the thought and effort that usually goes into such a gift.

A short time later, my plate is ready and I hear the trill of the kettle whistling, letting me know that the water is boiling and ready for my tea.  I pour the steaming hot water into my favorite mug, white with blue polka dots, and let the tea steep for a few minutes.  Everything is ready.  I take a seat at the breakfast table and take a loud bite of bread.  It’s buttery with edges that are slightly burnt, making the crunching sound.  There’s a funny juxtaposition though; the center bits are slightly soggy as the butter melded into the crevices of the bread.  It doesn’t matter since the bread is still perfect to dip into soft, runny yolks.  Those boiled eggs.  Seven minutes to soft yolky perfection.  They are salty with a touch of paprika for warmth.  The melt-in-your-tongue yolk flows across my tongue as I savor each bite.  I encounter a slight crunch as I eat a piece that has a sea salt flake.  I alternate between the bread, eggs, and tater tots.  Can’t forget those bite-sized starchy little potatoes.  They wear a textured golden brown crunchy coat.  Inside however, they are pillow-y soft morsels that bring a touch of brightness on a dreary day.

Take that nonexistent fireplace!


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