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30 days…

In my attempt at decluttering and finding joy, I’ve decided to recommit to things that bring me joy while also trying to do something new.  I was inspired by this series of TED talks, For those who want to break out of their shells.  Specifically, Try something new for 30 days, a talk by Matt Cutts.
It would be insane to do it all at once, so, I’ve decided to focus on different things during the 30 days.  Since I’ve been struggling with my writing, I thought it apt to spend the next 30 days doing something about it.  I will be posting something each day, most likely unedited, for the next month.
My hope is twofold.  First, that it will help me get back my creative spark.  Second, that it will help me get out of this funk by practicing some self-care.  I definitely need to unplug from work and not make everything about work, especially when I’m not supposed to be working.
Wish me luck.  This could be an amazing way to get me back on track or a complete disaster.  I should mention that I have given myself some leeway, just in case.  Though the goal is to write and post every day, I must post at least 5 times a week. Fingers crossed!

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