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Captured moments in time

I was getting a jump start to spring cleaning this weekend and came across some old journals of mine.  I’ve been journalling, or at least attempting to, on and off for years.  My handwriting has definitely changed over the years, as have relationships from then to now. It was interesting to read what I had written.  I was diligent about putting a date on most of my entries.  The words on the pages captured a moment in time… my thoughts and feelings are forever held in them.  
For one reason or another, time lapses between entries.  I’ve never been fully able to be consistent with my writing.  Adulthood brings with it many challenges and time management seems to hold me back.  So, I decided that I would try and schedule time in my calendar.  I’m doing the same with reading as I’ve not been reading as much as I want to.  
What do you do with your old journals?

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