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Old is gold, retro is in

Fashion, television, movies.  Looks and shows from the not-so-distant years past are coming back.  Will and Grace, Gilmore Girls, Full House, and the list goes on and on and on.  Bringing these back tap into a deep-rooted nostalgia.  Sometimes it is successful, others it isn’t.  However, it brings up a larger question of what is creativity and where does it come from?  How do we consciously seek out inspiration?  
Being creative implies imagination and something that isn’t imitated.  It is original.  
Yet, there’s always debate about what constitutes originality, especially in the food world.  A cake design gets popular and becomes a trend as cake artists put their spin on it for their clients.  Are those cakes original?  
I know that I get inspired by what others do.  Sometimes I try to replicate it.  Think about this.  If I’m craving this amazing lobster mac and cheese from a restaurant in Rhode Island and can’t get there.  So, I recreate the dish, using elements I remember and adding my own twist on it.  Is my version of the dish original?  The answer gets a bit muddied here.  Who is to say that the chef who created the lobster mac and cheese didn’t find his or her inspiration from someone else’s version of the dish?  
We probably won’t come up with a resolution to this anytime soon.  I think for many of us, it comes down to intuitively knowing when something is original.  But, something to consider is that originality doesn’t go hand-in-hand with success.  
Where does your inspiration come from?  What do you consider original?

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