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Growing pains?

“You regret the things you don’t do, not the things you do”
The sentiment behind this quote has been offered as advice a lot.  Sometimes I’ve been the direct recipient of it, others I’ve heard it being given to someone else.  Regret implies mourning or being sorry.  We use it to express our emotions in multiple situations.  Regret, like disappointment, become our baggage.
For me, overthinking plays a huge role in making a decision.  It can be a good thing in certain situations, however, I’m realizing that it is actually holding me back.  It probably taps into an element of fear of the unknown in some way.  
I don’t think there are a lot of things I regret.  There are definitely regrets on the communication front of how situations and relationships were handled.  But in terms of doing things or regretting not doing them, I can think of a handful that I would truly say that I would wish I could change.  The biggest thing for me is I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self things, lessons I’ve learned along the way.  
Yet, I had to experience these lessons, learn from them, and embrace them to make a change for the better.  Maybe I need to adjust my thinking a bit.  If I didn’t experience and learn to grow, then will it truly be a catalyst for change?  As much as I wish I knew what I do now when I was younger, the fact is that it’s all part of the process.  We don’t leave behind our “growing pains” because we’re constantly evolving and, hopefully, become better each time.  
What do you guys think?  Do you regret the things you don’t do?  

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