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Secret smile

The other day I was helping a student prepare for an interview.  She was nervous and not feeling confident about herself.  So, I tried to think of ways to boost her confidence.  We talked about her resume, discussing each and every point on it, to show that she has a lot to offer an employer.  Then, I brought up all the things she’s learned in class and how’s she’s grown since the first day I met her.  It hit the mark, but only slightly.  
I paused and thought about what helps me feel confident.  Sometimes it’s a particular outfit gives an extra boost, but sometimes you’re just not feeling great about yourself.  I dug deeper and realized that I often wear a piece of jewelry, which was given to me by someone I love.  Wearing it, be it a necklace or ring or a bracelet or whatever, unconsciously channels their love for me and that object becomes a silent cheerleader.  
It is like a secret that only you know about and you wear that cherished gift with a secret smile.  No one else understands, or needs to for that matter, its significance.  I offered this advice to her and she jumped on it.  I could see the change in her demeanor as her face lit up and she smiled that smile.  
What’s the secret smile in your arsenal?  

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