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Women of Caliber Part III

I’m almost positive that most of you have seen this speech, or at the very least, have heard about it.  Oprah-who-doesn’t-need-a-last-name at the Golden Globes.  Her speech resonated with me on a personal and professional level.  I felt compelled to share it.  Click here for the video.  And here is a transcript.
I am a woman.  I am a woman of color.  I am a minority.  I work to prepare other women to find careers in the food industry.  My personal and professional lives are constantly merging and unmerging with everything that is going on with regards to harassment in the workplace.  It is hard to prepare someone for what they may encounter away from the safety and support they get accustomed to.  I struggle with this very issue.  I want to be a fierce mama bear and protect each and every one of my cubs, but I know that I can’t.
In my opinion, the first step begins with a conversation.
In order for change for good to happen, you need a person with the willingness to speak up without fear and a person with a willingness to listen without judgement.

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