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FALLing into baking

What is it about spring and fall that draws us to bake?  Is it the bountiful harvests that entices us?
To me, autumn embodies pies and the first stirrings of craving comfort foods.  Much like squirrels preparing for the weather change by strategically placing acorns in the ground, I think we do something similar during the fall.  Spring is about new beginnings, but fall is about preparing for what’s to come—from holidays to the bitter cold winter months.
The crisp cool air is the perfect vessel to motivate us to show our love through food.  Cuddled on the couch with your best friends talking about everything and nothing at all, surrounded by the warmth and scents of spices—cloves, all-spice, cinnamon—are the moments that attach themselves to certain foods.  The memories linger every time you make that dish, especially when the seasons change or time or distance or life happens.
Denying autumn’s baking call only works for so long.  Eventually, you give into it.  Sharing and giving and giving and sharing and on and on and on…
How are you heeding the call, as we jump into fall?

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