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Bagel vs. Bagel vs. Bagel

Last summer I had the opportunity to visit Montreal, Quebec.  Usually whenever I visited Canada, I would go to Toronto, Ontario.  I was really excited to make this trip.


My first impression was that it felt like visiting a European city.  Driving/walking around Montreal reminded me of Europe, specifically Spain, with it’s the winding and sometimes narrow roads.  It also reminded me of Cape Town, South Africa especially since the mountain is a part of the city.  However, unlike Cape Town, there’s no ocean to complete the view.  The rivers added that siren call of water for me.  It’s not always visually present but it is off in the distance, a comforting blanket surrounding me with warmth and reassurance.  This leads me to believe that I can’t live somewhere that’s completely land-locked.

The one thing about Montreal that everyone (the internet and people I asked) is that I have to try their bagels.  St. Viateur and Farimount are the most well-known bagel places there.  FullSizeRender_2
Being a NY bagel and pizza girl, I was curious as to how Montreal’s best would stack up.  These bagels were less filling and less chewy than NY bags.  I felt like I was cheating on NY bagels with St. Viateur and on St. Viateur with Fairmount.  I was split as to which Montreal bagel was better.  I preferred St. Viateur’s.  I found it had a better texture than Fairmount—that’s the best way I could put it.  I am a NY girl and nothing beats a NY bagel, but the smaller size and the smaller “filling’ made me feel better about my calories.  They weren’t small like flagels, but definitely not as big as a NY bagel.  I did miss the familiar bagel chewiness.


Have you tried Montreal bagels?  How do they compare to New York’s?

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