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It’s beginning to feel a lot like …

summer!  Everywhere you go …

img_3827-e1434660193711Although I can have ice cream (or just about any other frozen dessert) year ’round, it’s when summer hits you begin to crave it daily and feel adventurous about trying out new flavors.  At least this is true for me. Today I’m sharing a recipe that incorporates my love for frozen treats and mangoes.

A granita is a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water, and added flavorings.  Think of it as shaved ice meets sorbet.  The texture is course and you can see the ice crystals.  You can make just about any flavor combination you’re craving.  It takes zero effort and you don’t need an ice cream machine, which is a major plus.


I decided to add lime zest instead of lime juice.  Part of the reason was aesthetic.  The frozen treat gets these flecks of lime throughout that contrast with the mango flavor and color.

This dessert is so light and refreshing.  The perfect companion for a hot and humid summer day.

What is your go-to summer treat?

Mango-Coconut-Lime Granita (by Naseem)
Yield:  about 1 pint
2 cups mango pulp
1/2 cup coconut water
1/3 cup simple sugar syrup
zest of 1 lime
1.  Whisk all the ingredients in a bowl.
2.  Pour mixture into a freezer-safe container.
3.  Freeze for 6-8 hours.
4.  To serve, use a metal spoon to scrape the ice into desired serving bowl.

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