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No-churn ice cream

Deciding on which kitchen electrics and gadgets to own can cause quite a dilemma.  Space is the biggest deterrent, though it doesn’t truly stop us from purchasing items.  Since finishing pastry school, I’ve developed a love of making ice cream.  The process is very fascinating to me.  Agitate a few simple ingredients and you create a creamy, cold, and sweet treat.  It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or spring, summer or fall, ice cream is just one of the go-to desserts you crave.
In a lot of ways, ice cream can be considered a dessert comfort food.  From the sound of the ice cream truck as it makes it way throughout the neighborhood on a hot and sticky day to the smooth and crunchy bite of an ice cream cake with crumbles sandwiched between the layers; most of us have nostalgic memories from childhood attached to it.
I’ve never made ice cream from scratch (other than in school and we had a handy-dandy and fancy industrial ice cream machine at our disposal).  Although I wanted to make ice cream at home, I didn’t have the equipment to do so.  I thought about buying a small machine, but I really don’t have the space for it.  So, it was by chance that I caught an episode of Nigella Lawson’s show on The Cooking Channel one day.  She was making a no-churn coffee ice cream.  I couldn’t believe my luck or how simple she made it seem.  You won’t believe it either.  Seriously.  All you need are three ingredients and your stand mixer (or you could use a hand-held mixer, it would just take longer).
The ice cream turned out so amazing!  It was creamy and luscious and sweet and definitely hit the coffee spot.  I made the recipe a few times now, sticking to creating variations of the coffee ice cream.  One variation I loved was when I added some texture by gently folded crushed up bits of graham crackers.  Another time, I paired the coffee ice cream with pumpkin pie and everyone went absolutely insane for it!  There was something about the combination of coffee and pumpkin that somehow works in a way you won’t believe.
Now that I found this recipe, my mind is just buzzing with possibilities.  Give the recipe a shot.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.  For the recipe, follow this link.
Do you have the same kitchen tools and gadgets dilemma as me?  My birthday is coming up; I wonder if I can convince someone to buy me an ice cream machine.

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