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The perpetual hostess

Playing the gracious hostess causes anxiety for many.  Most have their opinion about what makes a good hostess.  Is a good hostess someone that does it all on her own or caters a menu?  In my opinion, a good hostess is someone that shares her love with the people in her life through the food, whether or not she spends all day over a hot stove.  At the end of the day, it is all about making sure you and your guests are enjoying themselves.
I love hosting.  For me, there’s something about creating food for family and friends that showcases my love for them.  I’ve been hosting for many years now.  I understand how it can get overwhelming and intimidating.  Over the years, I’ve found ways to make it less of a burden and  be able to showcase your love and enjoy the event.
Hostessing for me began as a way to tap into my creative outlet as well as give me a project to work on.  I’m not a crazy obsessive, but I do enjoy the care and planning that goes into pulling off a meal for those I love.  Here are some tips I’ve accumulated over the years,
  • Plan around a theme—menu and decor
  • If you’re not a person that cooks a lot, don’t worry, decide to make one or two dishes and supplement the rest with pre-made or store-bought foods (find a fun and creative way to plate these things)
  • Don’t over spend—borrow, raid dollar stores, reuse (make use of what you already have and make strategic choices when you purchase items)
  • Plating matters—how you serve and how your guests are meant to eat the food
  • Timing is key!—as part of the menu planning, create a run of show (when things need to be ready) from pre-event prep to guest arrival through when they leave
  • Try to give guests a little something to remember the event
  • Don’t overthink!—your guests will appreciate the time, care, and invitation to the event
What are some of your hostessing tips and tricks?

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