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The Perils of Jane Dough and Jeffrey

It has been almost a month since I introduced you all and my students to Jane Dough and Jeffrey.  It has been quite the learning experience for both myself and my students in a lot of ways.  Today’s post is an update about how both starters are doing and some lessons learned along the way.  
Jeffrey and an active Jane Dough (February 21, 2017)
I kept a part of the starter Jeffrey Hamelman graciously parted with at home.  A portion of that became our class pets.  The one I have at home is thriving.  I’ve used it in a couple of recipes already.  My family is making fun of me since I take such care of it and even talk to it.  I know people who talk to their plants, so I thought why not.  The starters at work are feeling a bit neglected.  Though the trainees are still excited about them and enjoy discussing them, they’re not being responsible pet owners.  
Exhibit one, below you can see a how sad both Jane Dough and Jeffrey are.  
As compared to the picture above, both Jeffrey and Jane Dough are looking a little sad and neglected (February 28, 2017)
One trainee fed it on the wrong day (we’re feeding them every other day) and another forgot to feed them completely.  I was disappointed that as much excitement they had about our pets, they didn’t follow through with the actual “work” involved with having them.  
The other night, a trainee emailed me these pictures:  
She wanted to provide evidence that she fed them when it was her turn.  I emailed her back and told her she didn’t need to, but I was impressed that she took the initiative to be proactive about her responsibility.  She’s generally a shy person, so getting the message was a testament to me of how much she grew during her time in the program.  Most wouldn’t see it that way, but I do.  I remember when she started and where she is now.  The transformation has been amazing to see.  I’m sure she doesn’t feel that way, but as I tell her and the rest of the baker-trainees all the time, be confident and fake it till you make it.  
The biggest thing I learned is that all of this is part of the learning process, which is just as much for me as it is for each one of my students.  I’ll keep you posted on how Jane Dough and Jeffrey are doing.  Check back to find out more.

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