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Hands.  Two.  Fingers.  Ten.  We often take for granted the use of our hands.  They can do so much.  Think about it.  
We have so many idioms related to hands.  Here are a few:  hands-on, handmade, a helping hand, be on hand, by hand, give a hand, in good hands, know like the back of your hand, lend a hand, life is in hands, experience something first-hand, try your hand at.  
I believe our hands tell stories.  They go through a lot . . . they hold and comfort and create. Hands hold memories.  A mother’s touch offers love.  Even now as an adult, I still crave placing my head in my mom’s lap as her hands gently caress my forehead to my hair, lulling me into a temporary reprieve from the pain, fears, frustrations, uncertainties of life.  
Hands are fascinating.  I was working with a baker-trainee one-on-one while she was in production.  She was laying cut bread on sheet pans.  I don’t know what it was but I kept watching the way her hands moved.  

The bright sunlight from a lone window cast a glow, highlighting her hands even more.  I had to capture it but the picture doesn’t do it justice.  I was fascinated.  She has a story to tell and I hope she feels comfortable enough to share it as we spend this brief journey together.

Hands denote a person who engages in manual labor.  I suppose that could be why bakers’ hands are fascinating.  They knead to create.  Hands tell stories and I can’t wait to hear them from my students as we intersect on this brief journey before our paths divert once again.  
My hands painted with mehndi (otherwise known as henna)

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