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Two words that can be taken or given as advice.  They can be applied to just about anything but I find them most applicable in the kitchen—and I don’t just mean in the professional ones.  

What do they mean and how do they apply to working in the kitchen?  Let’s take each individually. 

Patience.  noun.  Quiet, study perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence (source:  Bringing this sense of calm to your work helps to make things run more smoothly, thus speed and accuracy can be achieved and maintained.  Understanding and developing a relationship with the process and the product are important to its success.  

Practice.  noun.  Repeated performance or systematic exercise for the purpose of acquiring skill or proficiency (source:  The adage “practice makes perfect” applies here.  Each time you work with dough or cake or pastry or whatever, you build on the previous experience.  Each time you get more confident and understand the process better, thereby producing a better product (at least in my opinion).  You hone in on and finely tune the skill and technique.  Over time, memories are collected which you can access when you need to.

These are difficult things to follow, especially when you have a lot going on.  We are our worst critics, but in those times that I wasn’t patient or haven’t practiced, I don’t feel as confident and am overly critical over myself.  
As of this post, I have taught close to 25 women, young and older, from different countries of origin with varying levels of English language and native language proficiency and.  I leave these words with all my students, imparting this to them during their time in the classroom and offer it to them as they graduate to the next step in their baking journey.  
Patience+practice with my photography. Like me, it is a work in progress.
There are no shortcuts; patience + practice, practice + patience.

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