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Music is so often dictated by my mood or what I’m doing.  I think this is true for most people.   I must have something playing while I’m studying or reading.  I don’t often pay attention but need to have the background noise.  Cooking/baking is another story.  Sometimes I blast something “pop-y” and fun, while others the sounds of the kitchen are enough of a symphony to my ears.  

I listen to all kinds of music.  There’s no rhyme or reason to what appeals to me and what doesn’t.  If you look at my music library, you will find songs from all over, even ones in different languages that I may or may not understand.  I love classical to Bollywood to pop/rock/dance and everything else in between.  

Upgrades in technology, like the ability to carry your entire music library on your phone at all times have made it easier to have access to whatever song you need.  In addition, apps help to explore different genres and languages by connecting us to music outside of where you are.  
Creating multiple playlists allows me to make mixtapes (remember those?) to suit me at that moment in time.  The one drawback I’m finding is that I’m hitting next far too often and some artists get lost in the expansive library.  

I’m probably dating myself, but this was the way I listened to music.  Before cds, there were cassette tapes.  
It hasn’t deterred me from constantly being on the search for finding music or rediscovering someone I didn’t know anything about.  My all-time favorite song is Yellow Submarine by The Beatles.  Right now, I am obsessed with Lianne La Havas and have Muse’s Uprising on repeat constantly.  
What are some of your favorite artists/songs/genres?  Any recommendations?  Do you listen to music while cooking/baking?  What are your go-to songs or genres?  

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