comfort · memories

Armored memories

It’s uncanny that things we wear can affect and reflect how we feel.  We often wear jewelry or clothing that has meaning.  It could be to remind us of someone or something or make us feel better.  I had a student who would wear a Frida Kahlo shirt whenever she was feeling down.  In speaking to her about that, I realized I had a few go to pieces I wear to make myself feel better.  There’s a black and white polka dot dress that I pair with a red hijab (headscarf) which I use whenever I need a boost of confidence.  I love the color combination (black, white, and red) and the way the dress looks on me, which in turn makes me feel good.  
Other items come to mind as well.  For example, I have a turquoise stone necklace that I wear a lot.  It is usually kept hidden under my headscarf.  I touch it often throughout the day.  It is my secret talisman.  Another thing that I wear every day are a pair of earrings that my Nana (grandfather) bought me when I was a little girl.  Wearing them allows me to carry him with me in a small way.  I feel so lost without them on.  
These items become our armor to take on the day or our comfort.  How these items translate into confidence or positivity or other feelings doesn’t make sense, but it works.  

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